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Your Fundraising Plan Isn't My Mom's Gravy

Posted by Ben Miller on 11/2018

It is that time of year again. There is a lot I look forward to on Thanksgiving, from getting together with family to watching football and eating turkey, but the thing I look forward to most of all is gravy. You may not hold this condiment in as high regard as I do, but that is only because you have never tasted my mom's gravy. 

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Topics: Fundraising Strategies, Budgeting, Action Strategies, Mail Strategies

Strings Attached.

Posted by Caity Craver on 08/2018

Fundraisers: once you get a donor inside the envelope, how would you rank the importance of these package components:

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Topics: mid-level upgrade, Moves Management, Upgrade Strategies, Mail Strategies, Ask Strings, Ask Strategies, Behavioral Science

What to Expect When You're Fundraising

Posted by Ben Miller on 06/2018

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about Cost and Profit centers.  One practical solution offered was to separate the acquisition / reactivation budget into it's own cost center from the house file development budget which should become it's own profit center.  Instead of looking at both of these together as a profit center. Today we are going to talk about the house file consisting of any donor that has made a donation over the last two years.

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Topics: Lifetime Value, New Donor Acquistion, Fundraising Strategies, Revenue, Budgeting, Reactivation, Action Strategies, benchmarks, Mail Strategies

How to Build an Investment Minded NonProfit

Posted by Ben Miller on 06/2018

Our money is on you. 

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Topics: Lifetime Value, New Donor Acquistion, Fundraising Strategies, Revenue, Trends, Budgeting, Action Strategies, Mail Strategies

Analysis vs Reporting vs Data-Driven Fundraising

Posted by Ben Miller on 03/2018

What's the difference between reporting and analysis? According to Salesforce, reporting is answering the question, "What is happening?" and analysis is answering the question, "Why is it happening?"  (You can read more about it in this blog post. ) While this is a good distinction, I don't think most people are much concerned with this nuance.  We all try to answer both of these questions when looking at a report.  The natural next step, after figuring out what is happening, is to figure out why.

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Raising More By Mailing Less

Posted by Pia Payne on 02/2018

(Join us for two program sessions at the DMA Nonprofit Federation this week in DC.)

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Topics: Donor Retention, mid-level upgrade, Fundraising Strategies, Revenue, Retention, Action Strategies, Mail Strategies

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