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Where Have All the Donors Gone

Posted by Ben Miller on 03/2019

WARNING:  2018’s fundraising totals saw the largest year- over- year decline in the last five years.

That’s the conclusion of The Fundraising Effectiveness Project and its just-released 4th Quarter Fundraising Report.  The  results are a concerning.  The number of donors declined -4.5% compared to 2017— the largest decline in 5 years.  

It’s not all bad news.  

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Topics: Retention Rate, Fundraising Effectiveness Project, fundraising revenue trends, donor file growth, fundraising metrics

Don't Call It a Comeback

Posted by Ben Miller on 11/2018

Did you hear that faint sound?  It was Chicken Little breathing a sigh of relief.   When Q2 ended, the sky seemed to be falling.  Donor retention and revenue were down.  Long term impact of tax reform loomed over every fundraiser's halo. Today, Chicken Little and fundraisers across the land are smiling again.   The Fundraising Effectiveness Project released a favorable 3rd Quarter Fundraising Report.  Can we call it a comeback?

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Fundraising Metrics That Matter #3: Change in Revenue

Posted by Caity Craver on 07/2018

“How are we doing?”

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Topics: Revenue, Fundraising Effectiveness Project, benchmarks, fundraising revenue trends, growth in giving

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