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4 Last Minute Tips to Improve Year End Fundraising

Posted by Ben Miller on 12/2018

The year is coming to a close and for many direct response campaigns it may seem that there is nothing more that can be done at this point. The audience has been selected, data pulled, creative written, and mail dropped, and all that is left to do is sit and wait. However, it is not too late to make an impact on year end fundraising. There are still plenty of opportunities to reach your donors, e-mail, digital advertising, telephone, or even a face to face meeting.

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Topics: Year End Strategy, Upgrade Strategies, Major Donors, Action Strategies, Ask Strings, Ask Strategies

Fundraising Football Kickoff

Posted by Caity Craver on 09/2018

I've waited  213 days for tonight.

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Topics: Lifetime Value, mid-level upgrade, major donor upgrade, donor upgrading, Moves Management, Fundraising Strategies, Upgrade Strategies, Major Donors, Ask Strategies

Strings Attached.

Posted by Caity Craver on 08/2018

Fundraisers: once you get a donor inside the envelope, how would you rank the importance of these package components:

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Topics: mid-level upgrade, Moves Management, Upgrade Strategies, Mail Strategies, Ask Strings, Ask Strategies, Behavioral Science

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