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Raising More By Mailing Less

Posted by Pia Payne on 02/2018
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It really IS possible, to raise more revenue while mailing less. And it's not that hard. But it does take a leap of faith for some folks. We've become mired in the same RFM formulas because we've always been told, "that's just how we do it." And there's nothing wrong with doing it that way. It works.

But what if you could make it work BETTER for you? (see The Metrics That Matter)

What if you could take a snapshot of your organization's donors and revenue at ANY GIVEN TIME - in less than 10 minutes - and know *exactly* where you need to focus? Some nonprofits are using a creative kind of A.I. - Actionable Intelligence that blends art and data science so easily that anyone can do it. 

By using modern technology to take those old RFM models to the next level, nonprofits that take an A.I. leap of faith are finding they can:   Image - leap of faith - dogs w stick.jpg

* save money 

* save time

* save stress

All while they:

* increase revenue

* increase retention

* and reduce mail 

And the best part? Using data science is not nearly as scary as it sounds. It's definitely a mind shift, to be able to look at how your organization is doing at any given time and by any given parameter (overall revenue, retention, sustainers, first time givers, mid-level, major, or pretty much any section you want to examine and drill down into - you can now easily get to.)

But that's a good thing, right?

If you want to learn more about how nonprofits are using the art of Actionable data Intelligence to save money, time, and stress while they grow their organizations, check out DonorTrends CEO, Caity Craver, at the DMA Nonprofit Federation Conference this week (two sessions available, see below.)

And if you'd like to see a snapshot of your organization, send me an email at

Stop Mailing So Much! How Modeling Maximizes Fundraising - Thursday, 2/22, 11:30am
Track: Discover

Stop mailing so much! Discover how organizations big and small are using predictive scoring systems to increase revenue, retention, and decrease mail quantities. Learn how organizations like Share our Strength are moving beyond human brain assumptions and applying science to their donor segmentation to exceed their fundraising goals.

Christopher First
Chief Operations Officer
Mission Resource Alliance

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Founder and CEO
Mission Resource Alliance

John van der Vlies
Managing Partner
Delphi Fundraising

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Account Director

Upgrading thru Pipeline: Lifting Investment at all Levels - Thursday, 2/22, 2:00pm
Track: Transform

Upgrading isn’t a single function like moving an audience into a mid-level or sustainer program; it’s an institutional strategy. Learn how organizations of different sizes are using data and content to develop an upgrading mindset across all donor levels.

Kristin Serrano
Senior Director of Insight & Experience
Schultz & Williams

Lizzy Ludwig
Deputy Director of Development
International Campaign for Tibet

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