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Fundraising Football Kickoff

Posted by Caity Craver on 09/2018

I've waited  213 days for tonight. At 8:20 pm ET the NFL kicks off the 2018 season. 4 months of strategy, strength, endurance, and skill.

Like the 32 NFL teams, Fundraisers enter their 'Season' [of giving]. Over the next 17 weeks, organizations will fight hard to achieve their goals. Effective blocking, tackling, and a few Hail Marys pave the way to retention and revenue success.

We're opening the Fundraiser's Playbook and focusing on the most important offensive play you can make to increase revenue: Upgrade Donor Value.

Increasing donor value is just like football – moving the donor/players down the fundraising field to hopefully cross the mid-level or major gift goal line.

Often referred to as Moves Management - we call it Fundraising Football - is a series of actions taken to identify, target, and upgrade donor value. The Fundraising Football Field [see below] is an effective visual to align the direct response team and major gift officers.

Step 1: Identify donors likely to upgrade [get this done today - don't miss the opportunity to target upgrades in your Oct, Nov, Dec appeals]

Step 2: Build a strategy for each donor cluster

Step 3: Track / monitor upgrade progress quarterly [monthly if you're a larger organization]

DonorTrends Fundraising Football - identify and target donors likely to upgrade and build an effective moves management strategy

Let's kick-off the 2018 Giving Season by using smart offensive strategies aimed at driving long-term donor value.

If you need a place to start - we'll help build your upgrade plan here.

Looking for ask amounts / ask string - check out this tool.

Moves Management resources:

See you on the field.


PS: Go Skins! [and Panthers - added my 11 year old]







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