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3 Year End Donor Upgrade Action Steps

Posted by Caity Craver on 08/2018

Year End Donor Upgrade Strategy60% of all fundraising revenue is raised over the next few months.   What is your strategy during the 'season of giving' to upgrade donors?  If you don't have one, now is the time to create one. 

Before Year End craziness gets us all, take 15 minutes to ensure you have a strategy to target and upgrade donors in October - December.  

3  Year End Donor Upgrade action steps:

Identify donors likely to upgrade. [if you're not sure who is likely to upgrade, check out the Donor Upgrade Quick Start Toolbox].  Once you have your donor IDs likely to upgrade, build an upgrade strategy for each. 

Upgrade lower dollar donors through a more aggressive ask string.   Pick your best campaign and build a different ask string for the lower dollar donors you identified in step 1.

Current ask = ☐ 1 x HPC     ☐ 1.5 x HPC    ☐ 2 x HPC     ☐ $___________ as much as I can give 

Aggressive ask example 1 =  ☐ 1.75 x HPC     ☐ 2.25 x HPC    ☐ 2.75 x HPC     ☐ $___________ as much as I can

HPC = highest previous contribution [replace 'HPC' with whatever monetary amount you use to build your ask array.  The most popular are HPC and MRC - most recent contribution].

Move the Middle - identify and engage prospective mid-level donors

Your mid-level donors are the most loyal, committed donor group.  Few organizations give the 'mid-level program' the attention it deserves.  [Sea Change Strategies published a great paper on the mid-level donors:  THE MISSING MIDDLE PART TWO — 2018.] 

During Year End [and beyond] there should be a multi-channel strategy to invite, engage, retain, and upgrade.  Tried and true tactics include:

  • Holiday cards - personal, handwritten if # of prospects isn't overwhelming
  • Phone call - non ask, thank you, what do you think org should be focused on next year?
  • Survey / feedback
  • Newsletters
  • Briefings
  • Town hall / calls
  • Add to this list - leave a comment below about what's working for you

Now is the time to build an upgrade strategy - don't miss the opportunity to put one of these action steps in place during your Year End campaign[s].

Take Action.  Step 1:   Find donors likely to upgrade [we're here if you need help - start with the toolbox].

Learn more from these Mid-level upgrade case studies.

Happy Upgrading!

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