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Overall Giving + 1.7%  data source: The Blackbaud Index May 2018
Online Giving + 4.6%  data source: The Blackbaud Index May 2018
Donor Retention - 4.6%  data source: FEP Q1 2018

The Blackbaud Index May 2018

6/15/18 5:49 PM Benchmark Update fundraising revenue trends, growth in giving, fundraising online revenue trends, The Blackbaud Index

Blackbaud May 2018 index

The Blackbaud Index - May 2018

  • Overall giving is up  1.6% 
  • Online giving is up 4.6%   

How does your organization compare?  Calculate your fiscal year to date revenue and retention metrics - this Dashboard is free and really easy to understand:  Access the DonorDashboard.

The Blackbaud Index tracks approximately $20 billion in US-based charitable giving, the Index is updated on the first of each month and is based on year-over-year percent changes. Featuring overall and online giving, the Index can be viewed by size and subsets of the nonprofit industry.  Jump to the full report ...

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