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Overall Giving + 1.7%  data source: The Blackbaud Index May 2018
Online Giving + 4.6%  data source: The Blackbaud Index May 2018
Donor Retention - 4.6%  data source: FEP Q1 2018

M+R Benchmark:  Online Giving 2018

3/16/18 8:04 AM Benchmark Update fundraising revenue trends, fundraising online revenue trends, M+R Online Benchmark

If all you care about is the view from 30,000 feet, it looks like this: blue skies and clear weather.

Total online revenue grew by 23% in 2017, after 15% growth in the year before. Nonprofits are reaching more people through digital channels than ever before: email lists grew by 11%, a growth rate outpaced by list growth in major social media platforms (Facebook, 13%; Twitter, 15%; Instagram, a whopping 44%).

Change in Online Revenue M+R Online Benchmark 2018

But look a little closer, and it’s clear that all this good news is not evenly distributed — and there are some clouds gathering on the horizon.

To start with, just about every individual email metric declined:

  • Open rates for fundraising and advocacy emails shrank by 1%.
  • Fundraising email click-through rates went down 6% (to 0.42%).
  • Page completion rates were down 6% for fundraising messages (to 17%) and 4% for advocacy messages (to 76%).
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