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Metrics That Matter #4:  Donor Retention

Posted by Caity Craver on 07/2018

The days of the seemingly infinite pool of new donors available to quickly and inexpensively replace those who’ve stopped their support are long gone.

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Topics: Retention, Retention Rate, benchmarks

First Quarter 2018 Donations Are Down

Posted by Ben Miller on 05/2018

The Quarterly Fundraising Effectiveness Project report was released this week and results aren’t good. At DonorTrends, we keep a close eye on FEP trends. It is the most important industry benchmark, representing more than 17,000 organizations. These transactions make up the Growth in Giving database [GiG]. This is the biggest database of its kind and provides organizations across the sector benchmarks to gauge their own progress.

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Topics: Donor Retention, Retention, Retention Rate, Fundraising Effectiveness Project, FEP, Action Strategies, benchmarks

Analytic Clinic - Coming to Chicago!

Posted by Pia Payne on 02/2018


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Q3 Fundraising Report from The Fundraising Effectiveness Project

Posted by Ben Miller on 11/2017

The Fundraising Effectiveness Project released its third quarter Quarterly Fundraising Report and there are some disturbing trends that we all need to pay attention to.  The headlines are pretty startling:

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Topics: Donor Retention, New Donor Acquistion, Revenue, Retention, Retention Rate, Trends

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