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Fundraising Metrics That Matter #3: Change in Revenue

Posted by Caity Craver on 07/2018

“How are we doing?”

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First Quarter 2018 Donations Are Down

Posted by Ben Miller on 05/2018

The Quarterly Fundraising Effectiveness Project report was released this week and results aren’t good. At DonorTrends, we keep a close eye on FEP trends. It is the most important industry benchmark, representing more than 17,000 organizations. These transactions make up the Growth in Giving database [GiG]. This is the biggest database of its kind and provides organizations across the sector benchmarks to gauge their own progress.

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The Results Are In... Fundraising in 2017.

Posted by Ben Miller on 04/2018

For the first time the non-profit sector is able to track fundraising performance throughout the course of the year.  The Fundraising Effectiveness Project is now producing quarterly reports that give us real time data on what is happening across 9,179 organizations.  In 2017 these quarterly reports allowed us to track the impact from some major fundraising events like the slew of disasters we saw in the third quarter to the tax reform passed at the very end of the year.

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Topics: Donor Retention, Revenue, Retention, Fundraising Effectiveness Project, FEP, benchmarks

2017 Fundraising Year in Review

Posted by Ben Miller on 12/2017

For many of us, this last week of the year is a time when things slow down.  Whether you're traveling for the holidays, taking off a few hours early, or - even if you are working your standard work week - a lot of the world just seems to operate at a warm-up speed, as opposed to full-throttle.  This is not the case, however, when it comes to donations.  More donations will come in over this last week than at any other time throughout the year.   For 2017, nonprofit organizations have a lot riding on just how much of a surge we'll see in year-end donations.

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Topics: Year End Strategy, Revenue, Trends, Fundraising Effectiveness Project, FEP

NOT CLICKBAIT - Critical, Need-To-Know Info for Nonprofits!

Posted by Pia Payne on 12/2017

Overall Donations and New Donor Retention is Down in 2016 - and continuing in a downward spiral! 

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Topics: Donor Retention, Revenue, Trends, Fundraising Effectiveness Project, FEP

Gratitude for Data and the FEP

Posted by Ben Miller on 11/2017

Thanksgiving is upon us, a time of year when we reflect upon those things in our lives that we are grateful for. From a nonprofit professional standpoint, I’d like to give thanks to The Growth in Giving’s Fundraising Effectiveness Project (FEP.)

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Topics: Donor Retention, Fundraising Strategies, Retention, Fundraising Effectiveness Project, FEP, Major Donors

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