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We Build Fundraising Budgets.

Actionable advice to make your yearly budget process easier and more accurate.

Your DonorTrends team is here to help make this year's budget process easier and more accurate.  We'll do all the heavy lifting crunching the numbers and provide a Fundraising Budget and  Donor Communication Strategy.

You’ll receive actionable budget answers to key concerns, such as:

  • How many times a year to contact each donor.
    • Determine the right cadence for each of your donor goals.
  • The best spending balance between acquisition and reactivation.
    • You might be surprised by the outcome of this 'investment' discovery.
  • Setting a realistic retention goal at the right cost.
    • Hit your goal while saving both donors and money.

We’re here to help make your budget planning process as painless—and accurate—as possible.

Take action today! 


Calculate Metrics & Benchmarks

Calculate donor retention and lifetime valueStart the budget process with accurate retention and value metrics.  Access your Vital Signs:

  • Donor Retention
  • Lifetime Value
  • Lapsed Reactivation
  • Upgrades

Download the Budget Check Sheet

The Budget Check Sheet will guide income projections by donor segment. 
Need help filling in these numbers?  No worries.  We're here to do the heavy lifting.  Call or complete the form on this page.

How many times should I contact my donors?

Free report will show you how many times you should contact each donor.

Stuck in a cell?  Get out of last year's budget spreadsheet and think about your communication and contact strategy in a different way.

Your Donor Communication Strategy is a free report that analyzes your communications and provides guidance on the optimal number of times you should contact each donor. 

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